We always have something going on


Whether it's a short breakfast ride on a Sunday morning to a longer 14 day adventure to Sturgis and everything in between, we have it. And the monies we generate from our weekly 50/50 raffle we allow to build up to hold our annual holiday, spring, summer party. It's always renamed depending on the time of year it's held. Regardless what time is occurrs it's always a reminder of what a great group of people SB Riders is. And with the establishment of our new non-profit we continue to do even more for our community.

Group Rides

If you ever wanted to ride to faraway places but wanted to enjoy it with a group of fellow riders, SB Riders has numerous group rides throughout the year. Some are small and others can add up to 30 bikes riding out to Death Valley for the annual April Fools Caper. You can stay posted to these rides by signing up for the newsletter or getting on the list to be notified of short weekend jaunts.

Holiday Parties

Every year we save our 50/50 income from raffles until we get enough money to hold a party. These events are the hightlight of the year. We have live music, catered food, dancing and most even dress up for the occassion. And if we have money left over, we may even have another party.

Toy Run

For 25 years SB Riders has been hosting and putting on the Toy Run to benefit the Unity Shoppe. We've been fortunate enough to secure the law enforcement we needed to allow the ride to begin in Carpinteria, through Santa Barbara and out to the Goleta Elks Lodge without stopping for traffic lights. We have generated thousands of dollars for this worth while charity.

Santa Barbara Veterans Foundation

In 2014 SB Riders members helped found the Santa Barbara Veterans Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit to benefit the veterans of our community. No one is getting paid and nearly all the proceeds from our fundraising efforts stay within the tri-counties of Santa Barbara. We want the funds to stay in our own backyard.

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